Excellence Centre

The Excellence Centre provides the leaders of today with a view and skills that equip them for sustainable development in the future.

The features of this development are within the following areas:



Leaders of today require knowledge about, and a vision of, the future. Leaders must be aware of the developments that will take place, to strategize how to adapt to those foresights, and to generate even greater ideas to take the business world forward.


Allied with future developments is the financial technology that will improve, automate, and drive the financial operations of companies. With the emergence of ever-more consumer-oriented fintech systems and services, this is a necessary area of leadership which must be fully grasped and understood.


Sustainable objectives and procedures are prerequisites of development, along with business improvements which leaders are obligated to steer in a world that demands more and more sustainability, so thereby ensuring a long-term future and the proper application of the UN SDGs.

Economic Rewiring

The economic world is a fast-moving one, with the evolution of economic systems which dictate how people live. Hence, businesses must react to, adapt to, and foresee the world, with the appropriate knowledge, skills and wisdom that enables success.

Polymathic Leadership

The fast emergence of a knowledge-based economy means that great leaders must grow as polymaths, so with extensive, deep knowledge across a wide range of fields, and which the Brighton Leadership Academy assists in providing and encouraging.

Psychometrics and Programme Development

Cognitive ability assessments identify strengths and further development opportunities. It is recognized that leaders need to rationalize and find solutions to problems, and to be able to understand and contribute to other personnel’s solutions. Leaders need to improve their planning capabilities.

Numeracy and word ability in English are improved, along with spatial abilities and the speed of decision making.
The strong correlation between EQ and Potential is explored further as research data is collated and analysed.
The assessment results are stored and maintained on a secure portal, with areas solely assigned and dedicated to specific clients.

The confidential results of the assessments bring specific benchmarks to the data collated from, and with reference to, the relevant nations.