Development Programmes

A major part of the remit of the Brighton Leadership Academy is course development.

After assessments have been completed, the utilization of resources and consultancy advice for further development is engaged for optimal, individualized leadership development.

Many aspects to leadership development are within the Brighton Leadership Academy’s skills-set, namely, the development of creativity and innovation, with the skills, knowledge, and growth of mindsets, all in-tune with the knowledge-based economy.


The Innovation Programme

A programme that explores the thinking modes that block innovative idea development. It analyses the difference between innovation and creativity yet highlights how they are intertwined. The course leader gives advice and expert back-up to the course content, plus useful exercises are engaged in, which give experiential and emotive affirmation of the course ideas and philosophy. The goals of the course are to enhance the awareness and ability to formulate and enact innovative ideas that are of value to business.

The Creativity Programme